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The player with the highest score on Beat the Bomb is redsox1991 with a score of 2630

The player who scored 10/10 in the fastest time on the Daily Trivia Quiz is bradsmith with a time of 00:24 (min:sec).
The quiz was the Family Guy Trivia Quiz.

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Welcome to the My-Trivia.Net!

Want to test your TV-Trivia knowledge? Well you have come to the right place! We have quizzes on The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park and more!

Registration is FREE, so fill out your details and get your name up on the high scores tables now!

This website is devoted to fans of the smash hit TV shows: The Simpsons, South Park and Family Guy.

What is My-Trivia.Net?
We are a community of Trivia Quiz fans who play regular trivia quizzes right here on this website, and compete for a place on the high scores tables. We'd love for you to join us. You can play just one quiz, or play them all.. its up to you! Can you become the ultimate trivia master on every subject? Your scores and other statistics will be recorded and available for viewing.

Customize your quizzing persona by selecting an avatar, and dress it up with items you can purchase with points (tickets) earned simply by playing the quizzes!

So are you ready to start having fun? CLICK HERE to register, don't forget that it's FREE, and will only take you a minute. All you need is a valid email account and you're away. We look forward to seeing your name on the boards soon! Good Luck and have fun!

My-Trivia.Net NEWS
Over the last year I have been having trouble deciding whether or not to keep this website running. It seems to be getting harder and harder to remember to reset the quizzes each day, which has caused some of our regular members to drop off.   The good news is that not only have I decided to run My-Trivia.NET for one more year, but I have fully automated the quizzes, so they will reset themselves at around 04:00 GST each day. I will leave the forum closed for now, as the spammers are getting worse all the time. I may open them again before the year is out.. it basically depends on how the popularity of this website goes.  I will also try to add some more content over the next 6 months, including more quizzes, more images, and more outfits for your avatars. If anyone is interested in assisting with this website, to keep it alive, please contact me at admin@my-trivia.net.  Thanks to all those who have stuck with us over the years. We are hanging in there!
Added Snow Scene Background - 14 December, 2009
Get into the christmas spirit with the snow scene background. Goes with all characters and is available at the avatar shop now!
Free Tickets!! - 9 October, 2009
You will now receive a random number of tickets (between 1 and 5) every time you make a post in our forums! Spam is not only allowed, it's encouraged! So post away guys and gals!
More bugs fixed - 7 October, 2009
There was a major bug with the avatars not displaying correctly for those who were yet to choose one. If you were put off by the stream of errors on the avatar page you will be glad to know that they should no longer be there.  Also fixed some major issues for those using Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you have registered recently using that browser you may not have been given access to the forums. If this is the case, please email me at captainzero@my-trivia.net and I will add you manually to the forum database.
Respect my authoritah!!! Eric Cartman now has a snazzy new cop outfit, complete with night-stick for enforcing the law the hard way!
Full Darth Vader outfit including lightsaber for stewie .. taken from the Blue Harvest episode... enjoy!
New items added for Stewie - 17 September, 2009
Stewie has received some new shoes as well as his favourite toy.. his laser pistol! You can find these items in the avatar shop.
New outfit for Homer featuring Moo-Moo, Fat guy hat and comfy blue sneakers for that "Big fat dynamo" look!
USA & Australian Flag backgrounds added .. fits all avatars.
New outfit added for Lois. Black top and blue jeans.. an outfit she wore when she took up modelling.
Complete outfit for Peter Griffin - New England Patriots Football team outfit
We have completed the new version of My-Trivia.Net with new flash quizzes and customizable avatars, and would like to welcome you all to try out the new stuff.  We are still madly drawing the new avatars and new clothing for them, but for now we have given you 6 avatars, each with a set of clothes you can purchase from the avatar shop. All existing avatars are no longer usable. To select a new avatar, simply go to your user edit page and click the avatar tab, then choose a character from the bottom.  Please report any problems/bugs here and we will try to address them immediately. We expect there to be the odd glitch here and there, and may have to close the website from time to time to fix them.  Remember, the quizzes are now daily, and you also have the "Beat the Bomb" quiz which you can play over and over if you wish.  Hope you all enjoy the new version.. have fun!!
Beat the bomb quiz is now complete... also the new image galleries and audio files sections are moved into the new format... we are nearing completion now. Should be done within the next week or so. Still have plenty of avatars and clothing to draw, but i see no reason why we can't open up the new version while they are being drawn... agreed?

Original Music by one of the Creators of My-Trivia.Net

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